ABC Clip

Anthony De Sylva is pretty handy with the ol' HD cam. Here's some sweet footage from the ABC's which were held at Bar Beach on the weekend.

Easy as A. B. C.

I thought that ABC stood for Australian Born Chinese but I've been wrong before. Chad Ford tells me that it really stands for Australian Bowl-riding Championships and that they are being held at Bar Beach tomorrow. Let's hope this weather holds off long enough for the twenty grand to be distributed and those wildcards into Bowl-a-Rama be given to some worthy recipients.  I wonder if the local residents who protested against the new facility will be happy to see an event of this magnitude go down on their doorstep.  If the Birdman shows up would that legitimise it? Time will tell. Either way the new bowl is going to ensure that a new generation of Newy tranny dogs are going to be on the up and up. Thank you John Bogaerts.

The Island

The Island is happening this weekend at Cockatoo Island in Sydney. 38 of Australia's best skaters will be competing for $10,000 in prize money. More info over at Skateboarding Australia.

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