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Dr Nick

Here are a few clips from Nick Law, our Queensland connection. the only other rider we’ve had on the team who resided in the sunshine state was Shane Wallace, and he was just passing through on his travels. Interestingly Shane was the only rider who asked to ride for us who we put on. Everyone else has been recommended by the team. Valuable info for sponsor me tape senders. Just skate, you’ll get noticed if it’s meant to be. Jono recommended Nick, so that’s all good. I’ve never met Nick but his skating speaks for itself. The internet has changed things Follow Nick on insta here > @therealdr.nick



Hubba Hideout Comp

Some footy from the Made Hubba Hideout comp which Jono Power took out 1st place in. Featuring:  Cody Riley, Jack O’Grady, Ben Gauci, Noah Smith,Cameron Markin, Sam Sutton, Billy Lukins, Jake Smyth, Levi Moore, Jono Power, Mikey Mendoza & a couple more shredders


Steve Tierney’s Creative Process

Inside Arts Teagues

Occasional Amnesia collaborator and CLS O.G. Steve Tierney has an interview in the latest UK art mag Inside Artists. Steve talks about the creative process in relation to his collages using images found in old magazines. Love ya work Steve.